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Complete redesign of the website! Tell us what you think of it, and please report any problems you encounter. Thank you for visiting www.Moon-Entertainment.com!

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Garry's Mod DarkRP

Our Garry's Mod DarkRP is one of the most customized DarkRP servers. We have a very active community which is very accepting of new players! Come join us at:

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Game Development

Moon Entertainment competes in game jams, and our games are availiable on the games page. We are serious about developing games and have a very cool project coming soon!

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Teamspeak 3

Our community has a very active teamspeak server, where staff and members hang out to talk, play games, and help eachother out. Join us at ts.moon-entertainment.com:4033

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Moon Entertainment


Moon Entertainment has been producing small games periodically throughout our career, from Lost In Slime to Galactic Attack and Kitty Karnage. Most of our recent games were produced for the Reddit Bacon Game Jam. These games are fairly small in scope but we learn more about game development every time, this will help in our upcoming projects. Stay tuned folks!


While donations help in future game development, our servers are a very real day to day cost. What are you paying for? Namely our Garry's Mod server: M-E DarkRP, where you can play with a lot of M-E staff! On top of this, there's our Teamspeak with plenty of channels for different types of quickscoping.


LThere are of course our admins, a large influence in the community of our Dark RP server, naturally, we only pick responsible members to be admins. Outside of Gmod, we have a coule players who frequent ARMA and another bunch that frequent World of WoWcraft.

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Susan Hanson

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